Victoria Waller, Ed. D. maintains a private practice for students in all aspects of reading development. She works with young children on reading readiness skills and elementary students who are non-readers, beginning readers, remedial or advanced readers. In addition, she offers book clubs for groups of children. Dr. Waller is known for using "what the child knows" to teach "what the child doesn't know." All lessons and materials are tailored for each child or group based on their interests and needs.

Dr. Waller also conducts workshops for parents and grandparents on creating an environment for their children conducive to learning to read and becoming lifelong readers.

Dr. Waller's work with elementary students has been recognized in newspapers, magazines and on television. She originated the Printer Pal Program connecting the elderly with children via computers for which she was recognized as a "Local Hero" by the "Los Angeles Times." She was a finalist in the Los Angeles Music Center's Bravo Award for outstanding creative teaching and also won the University of Cincinnati's College of Education Distinguished Alumni Award.

She has created educational products for Disney/Hyperion Books for Children and M&M/Mars. Dr. Waller has written articles for academic journals on how to teach reading to children and has also written parent newsletters focusing on reading activities for children.

Dr. Waller was one of the founders of the Los Angeles Children's Museum, served on the Executive Board of Teach for America and currently is on the board of Putney Student Travel where she works on the Open Door Fund Committee awarding scholarships to deserving teens to participate in international work-service programs.

Dr. Waller uses many creative activities to teach a child to read, help a child to become a better reader
or enrich a child's reading.

Dr. Waller has worked closely with my son for the past few years. Not only has he improved in reading skills and fluency, but most importantly his level of confidence has surged! He actually looks forward to his time with Dr. Waller, so much that he has willingly seen her on consecutive Saturdays and Sundays for two hour time blocks. Dr. Waller connects with each child and has a deep understanding of the child, not only on an academic level but also on an emotional one. She is more like a mentor who gives help and guidance as opposed to an instructor who dictates to him. I strongly feel it is this connection and bond that motivates my son to improve his reading skills and spend the extra time studying with Dr. Waller.


Both of my sons were privately taught to read by Dr.Vicki Waller. My children have loved working with her. They were always excited about their lessons and felt so encouraged by her constant upbeat enthusiasm for their successes. She was their partner in reading and they wanted to work harder for her. The advances that I witnessed weekly in fluency, comprehension, and word analysis skills were amazing.

Dr. Waller works with her students in a way I have never witnessed before. Dr. Waller found out my sons passions and their favorite activities and then customized lesson plans to teach them to read around an exciting project. For instance, writing an email with questions to the scientist who discovered the Titanic (my son's interest at the time), or reading a book and then making characters in clay in order to "act out" the story again.

My boys loved all of Dr. Waller's projects and were completely immersed in the process. They truly had fun learning to read. They were confident in their abilities; excited for each lesson; and determined to master reading.

Another big "hidden" component is Dr. Waller's respect for each child and honoring their whole self. The quirkier, the better. Her fun, outgoing personality, constant encouragement and true interest in each student, makes her the most effective teacher I have ever worked with.


My son learned to read from you many years ago. When he was 9 you did a project with him where he made up questions for his grandfather and then did an oral history of him. His grandpa, my dad, passed away recently. While cleaning out his apartment I found a video marked "Mikey and Grandpa…Never Tape Over." Mike and I watched it yesterday, just a day after his 29th birthday. I'm sure we watched it many years ago, but I really didn't remember it. It was so wonderful to see my dad again and learn stuff about him that I never knew, or had forgotten. So, really, I can't thank you enough for teaching my son to read and doing such a meaningful project with him. A gift to our family!


We can't thank you enough for what you have done for our son. Not only have you taught him to read but you have given him a new self respect. He has so much confidence in himself and now realizes that with hard work he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. He loves you so much and why shouldn't he? You are awesome!


As we think of it….the greatest gift and most important, gift EVER was the gift you gave our daughter….Learning to READ!


When our daughter began working with you, she was unconfident in her skills. Reading was stressful for her and was accompanied with fidgeting and frustration. Her reading is now incredible. She literally devours books and wants to read constantly. She also "writes" and illustrates books in her spare time. You have turned her into a reader.


Had it not been for you, I would still be the shy 2nd grader who couldn't read. Looking back ten years, you helped build not only my reading skills, but my self-esteem as well. Thank you for everything that you have done and all that you do everyday; helping young children like me become more confident adults. You truly changed my life. With great love and respect,


If I would've written this letter ten years ago, it might have read something like this: Dear Dr. Waller, Thank you for teaching me to read. You've given me the greatest gift of my life.

But that was when I was merely seven years old and was having trouble with learning to read. I went from non-reading to a reader. That was when I realized for the first time the joy derived from reading a book from cover to cover.

Today at seventeen, I feel I need to finally deliver a long overdue thanks for your gifts, but the words don't come. How can I thank you for giving me the foundation that gave me the ability to breeze through text, to write, to know I can overcome obstacles and to garner each day the enormous joy derived from reading a book cover to cover. I am certain there are no words that are strong enough than perhaps those very same simple ones I might have chosen a decade ago. Dear Dr. Waller, Thank you for teaching me to read. You've given me the greatest gift of my life.


Thank you! I have received your message.




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